February 7, 2011

Episode 4 of Speculate!

Hey everyone,

Welcome back for Episode 4 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans.  In this episode we start a new sequence of discussion/interview/discussion shows concerning the work of Nebula and World Fantasy Award winning author Kij Johnson, in particular focusing on three stories: 26 monkeys, also the abyss, Ponies, and Spar.  If you enjoy the discussion, don’t miss next week’s show in which we interview the author herself.  And as usual, thanks for spreading the word about the show!

Note from Greg:  It occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned the details about our musical intro and outro for the show yet–the song is called “Yellow Wood,” from my band The Road‘s debut album Drift, released about four years ago.  Our second album, Monomyth, was just officially released in December (a concept album dealing with a fantastic journey, of course!)–so if you like the song and progressive rock in general, please check the band out at  /shameless plug off.  🙂

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