January 21, 2013

The Hugos Are Upon Us!


Hi everyone. As the co-hosts of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans, we spend most of our time on the show interviewing, analyzing and discussing the work of other people in the speculative fiction field. But now, we’re asking for something a little different. Nominations for the 2013 Hugo Awards are being accepted now, and although we’re not big fans of shameless self-promotion, we figure if we didn’t ask, you might not know that we are eligible to be nominated in the Hugo’s Best Fancast category.

If you are an attending or supporting member of LoneStarCon3, the Worldcon coming up this August, an attending or supporting member of Chicon, last year’s Worldcon, or an attending or supporting member of LonCon3, next year’s Worldcon, you’re eligible to nominate for any or all of the Hugo Awards. And it’s easy–simply go to the nomination page (, type in your name and the PIN sent to you by LonestarCon, and nominate for as many of the awards as you like–including, we hope, Speculate! in the Best Fancast category.

We do this show because we love talking about the field in which we write and study, speculative fiction; interviewing authors, artists, and editors, and getting to analyze the work they produce, is a great thrill for us. But the main reason we enjoy doing the show is it gives us a chance to communicate with all of you—to present our show to a lively and ever-growing audience.

Getting nominated for a Hugo—to say nothing of winning one!—would allow us to broaden that reach and communicate with even more fans of one of the most fascinating genres of literature we have. So we would greatly appreciate it if you could nominate Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans by heading over to the nomination page.

The deadline is Sunday, March 10, 2013, which is coming soon–so please do it as soon as you can! And thanks from both Greg and Brad to all of you for your feedback, enthusiastic support, and of course listening to the show! We look forward to giving you some great ones in the year ahead.

Thanks for tuning in, and of course for nominating!

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