June 24, 2013

Episode 78 of Speculate! — Writing for Games Discussion with John Helfers and Aaron Rosenberg


Welcome back for Episode 78 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans.  In this episode, taped live at the Origins convention in Columbus, Ohio (we apologize for the somewhat subpar audio), we look at the connections between writing and gaming with two veterans in the field, John Helfers and Aaron Rosenberg.  During the discussion we touch on how to get into writing for games, both face to face and computer-oriented, and consider whether the lines between narrative in games and narrative in stories have begun to blur–and if so, what the implications might be.  If you enjoy the conversation, make sure to check out more of John and Aaron’s work, and don’t forget to check back for our next episode, a discussion about book blogging in the speculative fiction field with Justin Landon of Staffer’s Book Review.  Until then, thanks as always for listening, and please continue to spread the word!

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