January 29, 2014

Episode 95 of Speculate! — Interview with Myke Cole

Welcome to Episode 95 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans.  In this episode we return to interviewing others with a new interview of Myke Cole, author of the Shadow Ops series and its just released third book, Breach Zone.  This is the second time Myke has been on the show, and he’s just as entertaining this time around; we cover topics like his love of conventions, why Dungeons and Dragons was (and is) so important to him, how he has developed as a writer during the course of the Shadow Ops series and why he always writes “scared”…and why, when depression or tragedy hits, his policy is to feel sorry for himself, pick himself up, sit down and get right back to work.  As always, Myke is an engaging guest, and we hope you’ll find the discussion as interesting as we did.  If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check back next week when we’ll have an interview up with the game designer Mike Selinker, author of the new game novel The Maze of Games.  Until then, thanks as always for listening to the show, and please continue to spread the word!

GREG’S NOTE:  Just a friendly reminder that the Kickstarter for my graphic novel Icarus is about halfway finished, and with two weeks to go, you still have time to get on board!  We’ve got a lot of great stretch goal authors, artists and even game designers, and the more people that get involved the bigger and better the project will get.  So please head here, back Icarus and spread the word–and thanks so much!

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