August 23, 2016

Episode 168 of Speculate!–Chuck Wendig Author Discussion

Welcome to Episode 168 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans. In this episode we continue our triptych of shows on the work of Chuck Wendig, looking at his new novel Invasive.  We chat about anxiety in fiction, the nature of messages and themes in stories, the specifics of Chuck’s unique style (and how he carries that from book to book), and his particular love of insects of all creepy kinds…and how writing in a shed is better than it sounds.  If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check back next week for our final show of the triptych as we look at some of the writing techniques used in the novel–and if you’d like access to that show, please head to our Patreon page and support us at the $5 or higher level.  Thanks for supporting us here and via our Patreon, and thanks as always for listening to and spreading the word about the show!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Brad, Mike, and Greg have something cooking for later this year which we think will be of great interest to Speculate fans.  Stay tuned for all the details in the weeks and months to come!

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