November 22, 2016

Episode 171 of Speculate!–Michael J. Martinez Author Discussion

Welcome to Episode 171 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans. In this episode we chat with author Michael J. Martinez about works past, present, and future. During our discussion we talk about Mike’s Daedalus Trilogy and Majestic-12 series, his love of history in both real and alternate forms, and the ways in which his long career in journalism has influenced his writing…and how he’ll happily buy everyone a beer if he’s allowed to write in the Star Wars universe.  If you like what you hear, remember to check back soon for our next show, and please head to our Patreon page and support us at the $5 or higher level to get access to even more content.  Thanks for supporting us here and via our Patreon, and thanks as always for listening to and spreading the word about the show!

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