September 27, 2017

Episode 175 of Speculate!–Malka Older Novel Review (Infomocracy)

Welcome to Episode 175 of Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers, and Fans.  In this episode we welcome everyone back and thank everyone for their understanding during our hiatus before beginning our next triptych, this one on Malka Older‘s Infomocracy.  This book, which envisions a near future environment where “microdemocracy” has become the dominant political system in the world, created a major buzz when it came out last year, and as we go through things here we can see why–we talk about the book’s idea-driven dynamic, the optimism of its premise (and how realistic that optimism might or might not be), and the intoxicating nature of its presentation, among other things.  If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check back next week when we’ll chat with Malka Older about the book.  And now that we’re back, please check out our Patreon and consider becoming a patron so you can get access to even more content as our show continues to grow and develop.  Thanks for supporting us here and via our Patreon page, and thanks as always for listening to and spreading the word about the show!

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